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Time Banking Europe is a pan European initiative for the promotion and nurturing of the time banking movement in Europe. Led by a network of time banks and established infrastructure time banking organisations it has several purposes….




Timebanking Europe

There is a growing appetite for time banking in Europe but it is still in its infancy in some countries. Our mission is to establish a European time bank network, to pursue exchanges and share valuable knowledge.

Working Together

You cannot always share best practice digitally or through books. This is more likely to emerge from face to face discussions and the opportunities to ask questions and test ideas. By working together we can pool knowledge to increase skills and deliver greater outcomes.

Growing the Movement

For success, time banks have to fit a local context so that they are relevant to the people and community they want to serve or attract. We are ready to work across geographical and cultural boundaries to help make this happen.

Timebanking Europe
Timebanking Europe

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